Iscan HD+ Issues - Help Please!!


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I have just got an Iscan HD+ to use with my Pioneer PDP-434HDE plasma and Meridian 596 (Scart, non-progressive) DVD player.

I have the DVD connected to the Iscan via component (which it can output via the Scart socket - I plan to do the SDI mod on the player at some point) and the Iscan connected to the Plasma's media receiver using HDMI (via DVI).

I tried connecting via VGA to get native resolution, but found the 'Judder' test pattern was tearing (yet moving smoothly) at 50Hz and very jerky at other frame-rates. Also, when I configured the horizontal width to combat the overscan, the test patterns were spot on, but when watching a DVD, there were black borders to the left and right of the picture.

Having given up on VGA and started using HDMI, I had the 596's 'TV Standard' set to 'Auto', with the HD+ outputting 720p @ 50Hz.

When playing back PAL material (576i), everything looks good and works fine, however if I put a region 1 disc in (480i), the plasma says that the input signal is not supported and will only display the DVD when the HD+ is set to 480p (and some other resolutions, such as XGA whichonly shows about a quarter of the image, blown up to fill the screen).

I set the 596 to 'PAL' and again, 576i material looks fine. Playing 480i material, I get a picture on the screen and the plasma doesn't complain, however the picture is very fuzzy/jerky (pressing info, the HD+ shows the input signal as 576i, rather than 480i so I think the player is doing something to it??).

I cannot get the 'fuzziness' to go by changing the frame-rates.

Both 576i and 480i input signals display correctly via VGA (at both 1024x768 - the panel's native res and 1280x720).

I don't understand why there should be any difference between a 480i input being output at 720p and a 576i input being output at 720p - surely the scaler should be de-interlacing them and scaling them so that exactly the same signal is present at the output??

Any help/advice welcomed!



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You need to set the player to auto, otherwise it is frame-rate converting everything to either 50Hz or 60Hz.

I think you then need to tell the iScan to do 60Hz output from 60Hz input.

If you are in a situation where the test patterns fill the screen perfectly, but a source is windowed. Then you need to adjust overscan for that specific source on the DVDO rather than adjust the displays.

VGA on the 434 frame rate converts to some weirdo refresh rate if I remember. Best results always via HDMI on the Pioneer.


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Thanks Liam.

I am happy to use HDMI until I get a new display..

When the player was set to Auto (and therefore only working with 576i signals), I tried both 720p-50 and 720p-60 output modes and also tried setting the framerate to 50Hz (locked), 60Hz (locked) and 72Hz (locked).

I will have another go tonight... :confused:


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Never used the HD/HD+ models much so not sure I can help, but I'm sure you're original dealer will be able to.


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Well, I updated the firmware to the latest version and all is now working well (great in fact!)..



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Hi Chez

I've just got a HD+ going to my Pioneer 436XDE via HDMI.

Could you give me some pointers for any calibration steps you took as so far i'm really not seeing a great deal of difference from when my dvd player (Cambridge Audio DVD85) was doing prog scan to my tv

I could be imagining things, or I could of been expecting too much I don't know but at the moment i'm far from bowled over by what i'm seeing:(

any help appreciated!



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Well, first off I flashed the firmware to the latest version (available on the DVDO site).

Then configured the Output to 720p-60 and used the Geometry test pattern to configure the Underscan.

Then I configured each of the inputs to ensure correct overscan so that the video fills the screen.

Are you sure your player is outputting 576i (you can check by pressing 'info' on the Iscan remote).

The picture on mine is now nothing short of stunning! (but then the 596 was never exactly a slouch on it's own!).

Can't wait until I get the SDI mod done on the 596 :)



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but if you use the overscan don't you lose some of the picture, I've underscanned the picture so now the arrows on the geometry test pattern are at the edge of the screen (I assume compensating for the mediabox overscanning everything)

But if I go onto input adjust and overscan the dvd input I can nearly get it to fit the screen (There's a black bar still at the bottom of the screen) however a lot of the horizontal detail is lost....

I see why there are professional calibrators!, this stuff aint easy!

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