Iscan HD\HD+ Samsung PS50Q7HD


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I am in the process of re-building my cinema room and have decided to purchase a scaler to use with the above panel. I have noticed that the Iscan scanners are going for only £2-400 on the trading forums and wonder whether scaling produced by such a scanner can overides the Samsung's internal scaler (I have read elsewhere that there is an issue with the Samsung scalers)? Can anyone help? I have looked at the usual panny and pioneer models and to my relatively untrained eye, cannot see much of a difference. Also, I would have thought that for SD sources, the Samsung plus scaler would be superior to Panny\Pioneer panel alone.

Also, If I decide to go down the SDI route, can anyone tell me the cost of upgrading an Iscan scaler to SDI also?

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I have just bought an HD+ to go with my Pioneer 506 and it makes a big difference upscaling to 720p. The output from my TiVO is way better than I could have imagined. And having just done the SDI mod Sky is a revalation... crystal clear.

I still think the Pio has the best picture on the market once it is set to sensible viewing constrasts. Unfortunately most stores fail to do this.

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