iscan - any good and how?

Dec 14, 2002
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Hi all,

At the moment i feed my DVD player into my ax10i then into my 42" panny 5.

I am delighted with the picture this gives. I also run s-video from my sky+ directly to the plasma and depending on the channel the picture varies from excellent to woeful, e.g. this weekends rugby on beeb 1

Would something like an iscan make any difference and if so what would be the best way to connect everything?


Sorry, forgot to ask,

Could i use a vga cable from the iscan and have component and s-video going in to it?

If so how would this picture compare with my component setup and which vga cable would be best.

I believe i could then leave the plasma on PC and switch signal with the iscan


s-video from sky+ to iscan
component form dvd to iscan

then vga to vga lead from iscan to plasma

for the price you can pick up a iscan ultra now its well worth it.

if your not happy with the s-video to iscan you could use a rgb to component converter from into iscan

there is a very good quality 3 m vandamme vga for sale on classifieds ( its mine)
What difference it makes to DVD depends on your DVD player. But on sky it should help, but it can't suddenly make a completely c**p broadcast squeaky clean, don't expect miracles. A demo might be handy before you lash out the £530. Where are you?

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