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I currently use composite and s-video into my pre-amp which performs video switching. Component from the DVD player and the output of the pre-amp goes into the Iscan Pro. This then outputs line doubled RGB for my Barco projector.

Well, I'm moving house and the projector is going into storage for 6 months. So can I get my Panasonic 28" widescreen tele to work with the output of the iscan or will it not accept the signal?

In the likely event that the answer to the above is no, is there another option that will allow me to maintain my currently switching arrangement? My pre-amp does not support component.



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Does your pre amp support S video? If so, i'll stick a s video to scart cable in the post to you. Plug it into scart 2 on the back of the set and Bob's your aunties live in lover!!

The Panasonic won't accept a progressive signal, so the Iscan will have to go into storage with the PJ I'm afraid.


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ah thought as much.

yes, my pre-amp supports s-video. and thanks for the offer of a cable! above and beyond the call of duty! i think what i'll do is make up an s-video to scart, on the grounds that it will be a longish run - probably about 5m or so. it will be a short s-video to s-video run between the dvd player and pre-amp, a cable for which I already have.

i guess the other thing i could do is make up a long RGB scart cable (from the DVD player to TV direct) in addition to the s-video cable and use my harmony remote to handle the input switching on the panasonic.


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got another question for you.. do you know if there is a way to get my tv to power up and remember to be on AV2? it seems to default back to its tuner.

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