Is your local card shop selling Xmas cards yet?


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Mine is :rolleyes:

Not even bloody September and the main section in at least one of the card shops in town is dedicated to Xmas cards! I swear to god it gets earlier every year. Bloody ridiculous it is, anyone actually think it's ok to sell them this early? Even worse anyone encouraged this and bought one?


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lol, you think that's bad...I received and email from a card company beginning of July saying "Business is open" for christmas cards! I really wanted to reply and tell them to go away (but not in such nice words)! You're right though, it's getting worse!


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Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday (!)


No talk of Christmas until 15th November :lesson: or the delete thread and banning stick will be getting an outing :D;)

brian s

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Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday (!)

It soon will be at this rate. The Metrocentre shopping centre has been playing Santa videos and Xmas songs for at least a week and a half. There should be a law against it.


Ian J

The big garden centres near us will have all of their Christmas stuff on sale shortly. The good thing about that is that they are reducing the prices on summer stuff like garden furniture and barbecues to make room and there are some bargains to be had.

Two of the local garden centres are selling off their remaining barbecues half price. The big gas guzzler reduced from £600 to £300 was a real money saver but too big for our garden but I did manage to get a Weber Gold down from £160 to £80 which we tried out last night.

All thanks to the garden centres wanting to sell Christmas stuff too early


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If this carries on we'll be thinking about the Christmas after the one we haven't even had yet.

Which reminds me, Easter isn't that far away.


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you poor sods:D:rotfl:

I am an Xmas scrooge(no cards,pressies,decorations etc.) so I love seeing others getting all stressed:hiya:

bring it on:devil:


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Costco has been selling Christmas stuff for about 6 weeks now.


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I'm so cheap I won't even email/txt people Merry Xmas, let alone go to the extravagance of buying a card


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I dont believe in sending cards for anything, Christmas, Birthdays, congratulations, Valentines or any of the other psudo-holidays made up by the greetings card company.

I would much rather buy someone a thoughtful present than waste money on a bit of cardboard that gets thrown out within a week.


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No Christmas card selling around here, yet...

... but hotels have been advertising "Taking Christmas and New Year's Eve party bookings" since mid-July! :eek:


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