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Is Wi Fi safe for us with our B & B?


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I expect this is a silly question but I know nothing about Wi Fi!!!

We have a small B & B in Cornwall and have been thinking of getting Wi Fi.

If guests in the house have laptops does this mean they have access to the internet AND MY computer?

What sort of range do these things have?

I do some internet banking and this is a worry if anyone can log on to me.

Thanks for any advice to an old pensioner trying to keep up with modern technology!!


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One thing you can do is have a second router to your PC, e.g. Internet-->Wireless router with guest access--->second wired router-->your PC.
One effect of a router is to make anything connected to it invisible to the next layer above.


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Many wireless routers also allow a second wireless network, so the two are separate.

However, if you use sensible precaution on your PC like not sharing folders with 'everybody' you will be OK.


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Range depends on your house, if it's a modern build with 2 storeys and thin Walls then a bog standard router should be ok. If it's a 3 storey 100 year old town house then you will probably need a better router and possibly even an additional access point installing at the opposite end of the house to the router to boost the signal.

Make sure you password protect the guest's network also and keep a record of everyone that uses it as any naughtiness (pornography, terrrorism, etc...) communicated over your network will initially be traced back to you and not the computer it was carried out on. I know the chances of this are slim but if you are unable to provide the authorities with details of who has been using your network then it is you who will be prosecuted. I can't stress how important this is when sharing a wireless network with relative strangers.

Jon P

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From Reading your post I get the impression that you weren't looking to share the network with your guests at all. if this is the case then you're relatively safe. A wireless network is protected by a default password. this is normally printed on the router its self.when you set up a wireless network you get the option to change it and it's advisable to do this using a mixture of numbers letters and symbols. There is also a router password which would also need to be changed. Wireless networks can be quite secure as long as sensible precautions are made when setting it up.

If you were wanting your guests to have access to the internet as others have said you'd most probably be best of getting a router that allows you to setup a separate GUEST network this would keep things safer for you. These GUEST networks can have further controls to limit time allowed on the network or allow only certain websites to be used this may well be worth looking into to stop any inappropriate use.
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Thanks everyone.

To an old fogey like me it seems very complicated and a bit dodgy security wise!

Steve, we do do live in a 100 year old 3 story house (actually 129)!

I think I will just get some better speakers for my computer and turn up the volume so we can hear it in the kitchen above the noise of the extractor fan!

If any guests want WiFi they can go to the pub!

Thanks again


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Setting up wifi is very simple these days, almost plug and play.

Security wise it is very secure, as said above, it will come with a predefined password which will be a string of random numbers and letters (something that no one will be able to crack)

Do not be put off, it's easy to use and very secure.

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