Is VGA a much safer way to avoid bad pixel rescailing than relying on HDMI to DVI?


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(When using a PC)

I am now pretty much spooked out of buying any LCD that does not have a VGA input.

I'm not sure I understand the science correctly, but it seems to me that it might be the case that where HDMI/DVI will create a badly recalculated version of any original image that does not match pixel for pixel, an analogue format like VGA is not represented as an exact or recalculated duplicate but effectively 'photographed' (for lack of a better term) to provide a soft 'representation' of the original image, rather than drastically recalculating it.

Am I in the right ballpark here? Also if I am asking a question that has been repeatedly covered, I apologise and would appreciate being directed to any relevant threads.

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Some TVs are not equipped with EDID, which means the display cant communicates with the PC. However, LCDs from LG are equipped with EDID on the HDMI so it can do 1:1 pixel mapping. The Sony W series and Samsung F series are alos know to do 1:1 pixel mapping but I dont know about the new Sharp.


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99.9% of DVI and HDMI TV's have an EDID. Its all part of the specifications. 1:1 mapping has nothing to do with this. Its all down to what video resolutions the TV is designed to accept - its a TV afterall not a PC monitor.

Where the EDID does help is where a source has no manual way of setting up what resolution it will output. Normally the source will match its output to the contents of the display using the capabilities defined in the EDID. But often the EDID will not contain the resolution needed for 1:1 mapping as the manufacturer does not support this resolution. So the only way of getting 1:1 mapping in this case is to manually define the output parameters in the source.

Also, TV's apply overscan, something that with PC's is undesirable. Some TV's allow you to turn this off. This may a user selectable feature, sometimes called by a marketing term like 'dotfordot' etc, or may need to be adjusted in the service menu.

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