Is V-Compression a Burn-In savior?




16:9 RPTVs can suffer from 4:3 burn-in (you see the square 4:3 aspect ratio deteriorated when watching 16:9 movies).

But does 4:3 RPTVs with 16:9 V-Compression (like the sony wega enhanced 16:9 mode) will suffer from burn-in? In another way, is the V-Compression drawing the picture using all of the phosphors and then squeezing it vertically? (And so Wearing them all equally)

I am a big gamer and aware of the UI burn-in too, and if RPTV won't do, I will have to settle for a smaller screen :(
Or maybe I'll buy a 16:9 with grey windowbox bands and come up with some black velvet curtains to hide them ;)


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