Is this tv compatible?


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I am about to buy the "Alba L32HDF 32in HD Digital LCD TV" from Argos,today/tomorrow,but first I need to be sure I can watch sky+ on it through video sender & magic eye,anyone know? Also I want to connect my new dvd&vcr recorder(combi),to it,so do these new tv's automatically tune in to all equipment connected to it?It has freeview,but I just want the sky+channel to use.Just checking on this forum before I buy coz I'm a bit dyslexic with techie manuals!:)


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Thanks for letting me know tv is compatible,but as I'm going to use videosender from downstairs sky+ box,do I also need coax cable for RF2,or just enable RF2 'on' in sky menu set up?:rolleyes::)


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if you're using a videosender, the transmitter part is plugged into the Sky box and the the receiver part into a TV SCART.
Most videosenders will remotely control the Sky box

Using the videosender method does not involve a connection to RF2 at all.
That way is where a coax lead is taken between the Sky box and the TV, with or without a magic-eye/Sky Link.

See here as an example - What is a Video Sender? how does it work? where can I buy one?

I deleted my original reply which referred to RF2 when I realised you were using a video sender.

Actually, if you read the answers in your other posts concerning this matter, everything is explained. Here, for example


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Thanks for clearing that niggle for me,as you can tell,I need to double & triple check things as I'm gonna do everything by myself,connecting,tuning etc! Oh,well except from relying on help from this invaluable forum! I'll probably be posting again,but who knows,may all go perfectly well first time!:clap:


through video sender & magic eye
As Fernandez says "Most videosenders will remotely control the Sky box" so you shouldn't also need the "magic eye" to control it.

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