Is This Thet telly or DVD recorder At Fault?


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Just taken delivery of a Panasonic DMRES20 , well impressed so far but one problem. When playing Region 1 discs, there is what I can only describe as black lines near the bottom of the screen and the rest of the picture judders slightly. This happens on my LCD telly but on the CRT its fine. When I adjust the screen ratio, the lines at the bottom disappear but the juddering continues.

Confusingly, when I play the same discs on the cheapo Philips player on the LCD its fine. Is this the LCD telly or the recorder thats at fault. maybe a settingon either I need to adjust? This problem only affects the Region 1 discs.


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To answer my own question....

After a great deal of fiddling about, I have found a way to have region 1 disks displayed perfectly on the tv, simply change the setting on the recorder from PAL to NTSC, can't understand why i need to do that but the cheapo machine copes fine but problem solved!


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Was gonna inform you of that too and it's because the Panasonic's give true NTSC signals and not the suedo PAL signal which cope on the crt's.

It's the same if you try and record a US tape on the unit as you need to switch to NTSC and you can not mix NTSC and PAL recodings on the same disc.

This is the only thing I hate about the Panasonics.


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