Is this the wharfedale forum?



sorry couldnt resist:D

personaly i would love for the Audiolab brand back again


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No, but since it is hard to expect that new company owners will keep any form of owners forum, it is crucial that Spectre keeps this one for all of us owners.

Stereo Steve

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THis is true (even if I currently not an owner). I suggest it be kept for a while and then renamed as Tag Mclaren/ **** forum depending on what they call the new company. Has to be Audiolab really. A name with some kudos for those of us that remember it.


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Well one things for sure, they wont be made in Britain anymore as IAG has its manufacturing facilities in China. Although this might be a good idea as it should bring the prices down. I am worried that they might start going the OEM route to please impatient multi format disc spinner enthusiasts. What I would like most of all is for them to keep the current product line up as well as continue the upgradability and customer service which was second to none.


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Tag's products are (were?) second to none. Their business model was not the best... They lost it IMO when they focused on their Avant Garde lifestyle systems, alienating their former Audiolab customer base, drifting away from what it really wanted - Very good solidly engineered products with few unecessary frills.

They saw a future in the elitist end of the market, without realising that there are so few people in the point of the pyramid there isn't demand to justify their level of investment. Instead, had there been a product like the AV32R with integrated amp for £2.5k they would probably have taken on the Flagship Denons, Onkyos and Yamahas and cleaned up. Still, it's easy to write that with hindsight I guess...

I've got a little stack of Audiolab kit in my 2nd room (I'm not being flash - I've nothing at all ATM in my first room!) and I'll be delighted if the company name is resurrected. It doesn't matter where the actual manufacture takes place provided quality doesn't slip and the design team is retained.

There are so many Chinese people living in Huntingdon at the minute I have to wonder whether it really is necessary to bolt the kit together overseas. ;)



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Originally posted by bobgriffiths
sorry couldnt resist:D

personaly i would love for the Audiolab brand back again

LOL...a little like asking an Aston Martin owner how he feels about driving a Ford I suppose!

Seriously though,as long as the customer support continues,and the technology can continue to be used/improved then all should be well.
IAG have certainly done well in not only preserving their current brands,but continuing to provide enviable levels of support for models like the Quad II,which many of us still own and love.


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All I know is they have a very hard task ahead matching the customer service and honesty of TMA. The facilities TMA had were amazing, theyre AV room was the best system I have ever heard. I really hope they keep developing the current products, I for one would love to see a HDMI input upgrade for my DP.

Kenny Glasgow

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If the upgrade scheme will still be in existance then I'm sure it will be done at the Quad service centre. I too want my AV32R upgraded to DP and HDMI!
Any new products will probably be built in China and I wouldn't be surprised to see a universal disc player along with reciever


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Which means they will have to jump on the OEM band wagon. I dont understand the big craze about universal machines? I know of no one who is really into SACD or DVD A or who has a decent collection of either. I would of course like high definition interfaces for video and audio, although the current players almost do that already with sync link and DVI. I hope TMREQ dosnt become WarfREQ!


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But would you really want a machine like the Lex RT10 that is just a Pioneer? wouldnt you rather have something designed from the ground up Kenny?

Kenny Glasgow

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You're right Thunder! I was waiting for the day when TAG could offer one, but as we now know....

That's why I'm still with my £300 Pioneer universal. The Linn's look promising but I've only had brief demos.

As I've got over 2000 CDs I rely heavily on my sync'd CDT20 transport into my AV32. Now if I could get a DVD32R for a bargain price....

Stuart Wright

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Originally posted by Plump
it is crucial that Spectre keeps this one for all of us owners.

While there is sufficient demand for it, it'll continue here. I don't see the demand falling at the moment.

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