Is this the most flexible HT TV available ?



Is this the most flexible HT TV available today ?

Monivision DM-6552SW

- Why can't TV's be made with the same fine dot pitch as PC monitors ?
- Why can't they all be made to work in Progressive scan mode ?
- Why can't they have a decent de-interacing chip built in (like you get in DLP projectors selling at same price as a LOEWE 32" TV)

the answer to all these questions is - THEY CAN

the reason why they're NOT is that the TV manufacturers have got their collective heads so far up somewhere where the sun don't shine, with development engineers who just like to play around building more unnecessary digital processing circuits and gimmicks that aren't neeed and marketing people who are into **product differentiation** and **brand identity** relying on focus groups with Mr & Mrs Joe Bland - that they don't know what a decent picture looks like.

Steve Soap box...

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
A cursory glance at the capabilities/feature-set of this TV certainly wowed me !
Pity they're in Southern California. Could do with some reports from actual users in the USA.
I think I'll ask some of my (work-related) video guys if they're aware of it. Unfortunately most of them are in Limerick & not in the USA though.
Maybe we should consider a bulk buy - for which we now have a separate forum. Someone would have to work out the customs duty etc. as well as shipping costs if this is feasible.
I spent some of this week at Sony sites in UK talking to their design engineers (related to my job as Field Apps Engineer for an IC company) - wish I'd known about this TV first. I cannot see us easily changing their attitudes though. If you wannna know why, you'll have to PM or email me.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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