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hi all, happy new year, bit of a silly qn as everything is already set up and working but just wanted to make sure for the future that i havent missed a trick or anything.

My house is a new one and wired for Cat6 and Rg6 in every room. There is a small 1u rack in the utility room with patch panels for both.

I currently have two tvs, a sky q box and an atv 4k. I have a MHUB4K44 that the sky box and the atv are connected to and sending both via cat 6 to the respective tvs, i have scope then for more inputs and more tvs. One issue is that in our master bedroom, where we dont currently have a tv, the cat 6 cabling has some issues that require opening up works to resolve. Is there anyway to use the rg6 cabling with EOC to mimic the cat6 functionality with the MHUB?

Are there other options rather than the mhub to achieve the same ends?

thanks an advance

Joe Fernand

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Resolving the installed cable issues is likely the best option.

There are ways to convert one Output of an HDMI Matrix to run over another type of cable but it is alwasy going to be a compromise and unlikely to be 'transparent' in terms of usability and control vs the fully integrated solution.

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