Is this Speaker Cable ok (I am a a noob)



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Not trying to be awkward but what is wrong with the cable that came with the package? :)

To be honest mate don't spend a fortune on cable as you are very unlikely to hear the difference.

I have some old bell wire, not a thick gauge, on my fronts and some old thinner gauge wire on my rears that came with my old surround speakers.

Haven't upgraded the wire since i got my kef 2005.2 & yamaha 759 because with the difference I've heard from the upgrade in speakers and amps and doing a lot of reading on speaker cable frankly the cost isn't worth the improvement.
Richer sounds do some decent cable for 69p per meter and 99p per meter. I have the fronts and centre with the 99p stuff and the rears with the 69p stuff. Good cable and was recommended to me from some guys on the forum. Cant fault it for the price.

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