Is this Sony TV ready for HD broadcasting?


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I bought a 86cm, 4:3 format, flat screen, FD Trinitron WEGA Sony TV last summer here in Istanbul. It's model is KV-HR34. It has no SCART input but component video inputs instead. It is a very nice TV set.

In manual it says;

"Viewing higher quality pictures "DRC-MF MODE"

The Digital Reality Creation-Multi Function (DRC-MF) feature allows you to enjoy higher quality pictures on your TV. You can select from among three DRC-MF modes: "DRC1250" to watch super real (higher resolution) pictures, or "DRC100" for moving pictures or "Progressive" for still pictures to reduce flicker if necessary."

Now i wonder if this TV set can receive HDTV broadcastings regularly? No chance to try at the moment, because there is no HDTV broadcasting.


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HDTV broadcasting depends on 2 things.
1: having the necesary resolution (720p and 1080i)
2: having the right inputs. (HDMI or DVi-D)

Unfortunately all the settings you have described have nothing to do with HDTV. Those are just settings that the TV has to improve the picture in certain conditions.

To view HDTV your display will probably need to support a resolution of 1920X1080. This is the HDTV standard. It depends on the system in each country, but in the US and in Japan 1920X1080 is the propper necesary resolution to view HDTV.

The second thing you will need is the propper conection. Even though component is capable of anything from 420i to 1080i, most new technologies wont use it.

New DVD players, Blu Ray and HD DVD as well as HDTV will probably use HDMI or DVi-D as a digital conection. Component is not digital.
These conections use HDCP copy protection and I doubt your TV has an HDCP, HDMI conection.

In theory you should be able to view HDTV, but it all comes down to having the necesary conections and resolution.

Your TV needs to support 720p or 1080i to be able to use HDTV.

I hope you can unerstand all this!


This advertising blurb explains DRC technology. I've highlighted the relevant bit:

"Digital Reality Creation - Multi Function (DRC-MF): a one-of-a-kind innovation engineered by Sony. This ingenious technology takes analogue signal and converts them to higher-definition signals very similar to those found on HDTVs, recreating normal incoming video signals to bring true-to-life pictures.

DRC1250 employs a unique real-time signal processing algorithm that doubles both the horizontal and vertical density, improving picture density by 400% (1250 vertical interlace scanning lines & 720 horizontal pixels). DRC1250 is optimal for viewing general broadcast programmes and pre-recorded movies on digital media such as DVDs and digital videos.

As part of its on going commitment to providing value-added benefits, Sony has leveraged its superior DRC1250 technology to incorporate DRC100. It employs a field-doubling technology that maintains 625 vertical interlace scanning lines but increases the horizontal pixels to 1440 for PAL signals. DRC100 is ideal for viewing still images from digital cameras and videos, text and multimedia from televisions connected to web-enabled terminals. The result is smooth moving images and stable, flicker-free still pictures that are more gentle on the eyes.

DRC Progressive
DRC Progressive provides super-still text so necessary for interactive content and richer text that digital broadcasting will bring such as electronic programming (EPGs) and digital teletext. DRC Progressive doubles the lines scanned at a faster rate of 50 frames a second, resulting in reduced line-flickering. Consumer will then be able to enjoy superior picture quality especially in the future digital broadband era."


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Dear friends,
After I read your explanations which clarified me well, I have looked at the manual again. On a page it gives the following table:

The TV accepts the following signal formats:
Total Scanning line-------Effective scanning line--fV (Hz)

Does this information give me an extra help for the subject?


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Looks like it can accept all High Definition signals. So in that respct you are all set. There is still the problem of the propper conection. Since this TV doesnt have a built in Digital tuner (right?) you will need to conect one to the TV in the future.

Since most HDTV tuners will probably use HDMI, that may be your limiting factor. In japan, my HDTV tuner uses component so your TV would work here. But I dont know what is going to happen in Europe. They may decide to use Component or they may decide to use HDMI.

Also future technologies like Blu Ray and HD DVD will definately use HDMI or DVi-D. You will eventually need an LCD, Plasma or Projector that supports this conection type.
Otherwise, your TV ure quite good!

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Looks like it accepts analogue HD inputs via the component inputs, so it would work fine in the US with their HD systems, and also with Euro 1080/HD-1 in Europe. It would also work fine replaying D-VHS D-Theater tapes with an imported US D-Theater VCR.

However it is less likely to work with newer European HD services if they only provide for HDMI or DVI+HDCP outputs - and don't provide analogue component feeds. The reason for HDMI/HDCP is that it stops piracy by removing the ability to source a high quality analogue component HD output to an HD VTR, instead only providing encrypted digital outputs which get de-crypted in the TV.

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