Is this site to good to be true??


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Chinese Import. Please Note chinese imports are exactly the same as Region 1 and 2 dvds but some have some chinese writing on the covers as well as the discs, Dvds are supplyed in plastic sealed cases and a seperate dvd box. All langauge's are in English and don't have chinese subtitles

chinese releases....
mmm suspect!


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as long as your player doesn't have a problem with them I can't see the problem.
You could try DDDhouse as well for similiar prices and hong kong discs

F G Evans

These must be copies - has anyone ever ordered from this company before , if so how much are sippping costs

Seems to good to be true


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This 'special' packaging is indicative of Chinese-made rip-offs of authentic product. Typically (but not always) they are DVD5 (single layer) which means either or both of - increased compression - or reduced extras. They can be bought in China for around a pound. They are used as a means of laundering drugs money and are 100% ILLEGAL.

Movie Fantasy also sells these.

[disclaimer]I have never bought, nor am I likely ever to buy, and such product. The information given above is based on observations of similar items in the posession of others. [/disclaimer]


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When they state "Please note Chinese imports are exactly the same as region 1 and 2 dvds", alarm bells start to ring.

For one thing, that statement contradicts itself, as region 1 discs are different to region 2 discs, so the chinese disks can either be compared to one or the other, but they can't be both.

Official dvd's for the Chinese market are region 6, (according to the map that comes up when you play an RCE dvd's on a region 2 player), so they can't be the same as region 1 or 2 discs. These are cheap copies and I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.


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from the above site
Kill Bill (New sealed ) Chinese Import.
This product will be in stock on Monday 08 March, 2004.

So there's your answer, then.

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