Is this sensible - upgrade Sky+ to HD with a 1024 projector

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I've had a successful system with a Sky+ box and a 1024 x 768 projector, ceiling mounted and wired to take Sky output, DVD and PC. The Sky output is by SCART to a splitter

We don't have a TV attached to the Sky box, only the projector. Would there be any benefit in upgrading to an HD box, or will the resolution of the projector be an issue?

Also, I have read that you can still get a SCART output from the HD box - with a few adjustments to menus?

Any help or comment welcome.


Sky HD PVRs do have a Scart output socket.
What input sockets does the PJ have?


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The Skyhd box does have a scart output , but to upgrade from sky + to a HD box in order to use the scart output is pointless.

Scart doesnt do HD , so you'd be getting no benefit from the upgrade unless its simply more hard drive space that your after !

If you want to benefit from the HD content , then yes , its time to upgrade your projector to a model that can take HDMI.


Hi, Composite Video, S-Video and VGA
Which is what I was waiting for, and now the answer is that there's no point in getting a HD machine that you can't connect for HD.
I think that's what I wanted to know.
Apologies - I didn't realise that's what your comment was referring to -there's no HD from Scart.

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