Is this room suited for HT ?


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We'll be moving in our new house soon and I'm already thinking of where to start making a modest HT. At first I was thinking of the living room, but eventually decided on one of the bedrooms which seems to be ideal, yet a bit small.
The room is 4.6x3.9m (15.5'x13'). Half of the room's ceiling is beneath the roof and thus coming down at an angle of 45° to end at a height of 1.2m (4') at one of the long walls. It's at that wall that I would be placing the TV and front speakers.
A sketch can be found here :
The light blue at the lower right are 2 windows, the brown at the lower left is the door. The red bar would then be the TV (probably a RPTV). The blue in the middle is the sitting position. I would also be placing dvd cabinets at the left, right and back wall.
Questions :
  • Will the fact that the room is wider than it is long have any negative effects on accoustics ?
  • Will the angled ceiling (top half of the picture, starting where the gray line is) have any negative effects on accoustics ?
  • I currently have a Yamaha DSP-A5 amp with B&W 300-series speakers. Would these be ok for this room or are they too much power ?

I also read the thread on acoustic treatment. I was wondering if you guys use any measuring equipment to evaluate the acoustics ? Because I can hardly imagine judging everything by ear, especially if you have to consider placement of acoustic panels and bass traps and the like.



you should use measuring equipment to tune a room, you can stick thick lumps of fiberglass or foam all over the place, but its not really going to give you a perfect sounding room without some idea of what the problems are, you can treat obvious problems like slap echo and bad bass by ear to a certain degree, but the right gear would really help

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Hi Avalan,

Your room perhaps isn't the mystical ideal but your proposed layout is better than many I have seen!

If you are concerned about room acoustics then the first consideration should be given to correct positioning of the sub (or subs, two is much better) followed by equalisation and room treatment.

As Matt pointed out, you need to have an accurate analysis of your rooms performance to enable you to correct the frequency response and treat other problems like early reflections or an overly live room. The best tool for this is a Real Time Analyser accompanied by Pink Noise test tones.




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Hey Ceenhad!
Tnx for the reply! How's stuff with your Sammy LCD ? As you can read, I've decided to replace mine :(. Or rather, to just use it as the TV for the living room and get something better for the DVD-room. I just couldn't get used to the weird image issues of the Sammy :(.

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Mine is just a kitchen display but it comes in handy for testing things out. As you will note I am fully qualified for Home Cinema Calibration now and so I just enjoy other peoples expensive toys whilst thinking of what I will have in my "dream room".

Maybe one day....


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