Is this right? Sony VPL11HT


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I have made my own screen from MDF and painted it with icestorm 5 looks great but is it possible for the geometry to be out on my PJ there appears to be a upward bow at the bottom of the picture on the screen, the top is fine, I haven't cut the MDF and the bottom appears to be straight


Paul D

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Two possible causes assuming as you say that the bottom cut is straight.

Although the bottom cut is level, is the bottom of the screen curling up slightly either side? this could cause the two bottom side to be slightly closer to the PJ etc.

Failing that, the only other thing that comes to mind excluding a possible "keystone" problem is if you are using full zoom. I've heard this can cause some slight bending at the bottom of the picture. Try zooming in and out and moving the PJ nearer/further to maintain the same picture size, and see if this helps.

Good luck

Peter Parker

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It sounds like the pj may be slightly off-center to the screen.

If you rotate the pj left or right, can you get the top and bottom straight, but with the image off to one side?

I had the same problem with my pj, and all it needed was moving 2 or 3 inches to the right.




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I presume you mean that the ends are level, but the middle is slightly high?

My VW10 (same optics, I guess) does exactly this. But it is only a matter of a couple of mm's and isn't noticeable. I guess the optics aren't exactly perfect.

If you give your screen a black border, you will cease to see the bow.

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