Is this right for me? Mordaunt-Short Aviano 2's with ONKYO TX-SR608 and old JBL 5.1


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Just posted this about my set-up up under 'speakers' but guess it should go here too. Forgive me if this the wrong thing to do as it's now in two places, link at the top to the original post if you wanna answer in one place. Thanks.

Hi, I'm new here :hiya:

I bought a pair of Mordaunt-Short Aviano 2's and an ONKYO TX-SR608 a week ago with the intention of combining it with and old JBL 5.1 system I inherited.

(Basically this: JBL SCS200 5 300 WATT 5.1 CINEMA SOUND SYSTEM (BLACK) | eBay UK)

I was hoping to achieve a set up that was good for both music at high volumes when needed (probably using 2.1 with the subwoofer and Mordaunt-Short's), plus film using my PS3 (I realise I can have 7.1 with all that but as my TV is in the corner, I'd probably go with 5.1 leaving out two of the JBL's)

Problem is after just a few days of running in the Mordaunt-Short's I seem to have blown a speaker before trying it out with the JBL's.

I wont have any problems taking it back but I was wondering if rather than just exchanging it, there may be a better system for me?

I realise I've bought an AV that's not music dedicated but I do want something that can handle a pair of decent speakers with an iPod.

Any suggestions on whether I have done the right thing, or could I have spent the £600ish more wisely? It's all exchangeable at this stage so not too late.

I'm completely new to all this and have just been running a JBL Creature II into my 42" Plasma and iPod for far too long now, so thought it's time to upgrade.

Any advice appreciated as everything so far has been from Richer Sounds shop assistants.


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