Is this really 10cc?

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I've just came across this review of a concert DVD by a version of 10cc.

The original version of this band were one of my all time favorites. I saw them live several times including their last concert at Knebworth. After the split I referred to the new 10cc as the Eric Stewart Band. They had their moments but the magic was lost.:(

Godley and Creme still put out some pretty good stuff for quite a while.

Is there a point to any version of 10cc touring especially if there is little or no new material? They were a groundbreaking group in their time. I'd prefer to remember them as they were rather than something akin to a tribute group.

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Tbh I never liked 10cc with Godley and Creme that much. The strongest ever 10cc album is Deceptive Bends, made after they had gone. Sadly, that was it though as Gouldman and Stewart then dipped in the song writing from then on.

I found the earlier albums tended to be a mix of 'strong - weak'. Nine times out of ten I found the weaker tracks to be written by Godly and Creme. They tried being 'experimental', but again, the majority of times the songs were just naff as a result.

I didn't like Godley and Creme as an entity in it's own right either. They didn't really stand out that much from the dominant electro pop of that era to make them 'special'.

Live, I really enjoyed seeing 10cc right up until the mid 80's. After that it was 'by the numbers'.

brian s

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It was the other way round with me. They were a brilliant band. Four very talented singer, songwriters and producers. Eric Stewart was an engineer as well. They worked so well as a whole, so much better than any other pop/rock group I can think of. Having said that I thought Godley And Creme were the better half. They were the more experimental half but Gouldman and Stewart had a very strong hold on what was commercial. It was the balance of the two pairs that made the band so good.

Regardless of that my point was can this version of 10cc be regarded as the real thing? If you got away with 10cc into the 80's then you have less of a problem than me.

Deceptive Bends wasn't all bad but it just didn't have that 10cc thing.

Best wishes

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