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Hi All,

We're putting an offer in on our first house tommorrow (fingers crossed) and while we were over there tonight I started thinking about what AV set up I can get in there!

Our current set up is a Tosh 32WL66, NTL box and a Panasonic SA-MT1 dvd player (Both are linked by scart). Now i've just checked with Virgin and they do supply the new house so i'll be taking the opportunity to upgrade to a V+ (Which comes with HDMI connectivity IIRC).

Here's my thinking:

TV mounted on the wall (easily done)
Speakers mounted on the wall (easily done)
V+ box in a nice rack in the corner (easily done)
SA-MT1 in a nice rack in the corner (easily done)

This would give me a nice clean install but I also want to take this opportunity to upgrade the DVD Surround sound (nearly 4 years old)!

Now in an ideal world i'd like to run 1 HDMI cable from the TV to an AV amp (along with some sort of remote sender) which would save me having to run longer scart leads etc.

So an AV Amp it is then!

Now if i'd got the thinking right the set up would be as follows:

TV ---- HDMI ---- AV AMP
Remote Sender ---- AV AMP
DVD Player (I would need a new one of these as well) ---- HDMI ---- AV AMP
V+ Box ---- HDMI ---- AV AMP

I'd also need some new (wall mountable) speakers matched to the Amplifier.

So for a buget of around £1000 (Not including AV rack & LCD Wall mount) who can recommend (or tell me it's not possible) what kit I should trial:

1. AV Amp
2. HDMI DVD Player
3. Remote Sender
4. Surround Sound Speakers

Excuse the long post but I also have two more (probably very basic) questions:

1. Can I connect a Media Centre PC via the AMP or would I need to run a seperate cable to the TV for this?
2. This is the question I hate to ask...... speaker wire - not a recommendation of what to get more in regards to the cable lengths. My current system is 5.1 with the front 3 speakers runs being the same length and the 2 rears being the same length (as they arrived with the system).

Now i'm planning to channel the walls out to mount to mount the speakers and some runs are going to be shorter than the others does the length of cable run make that much difference? Bearing in mind my lounge is only 14' x 12'? In other words if the FL speaker run is only 3' but the front FR is 6' should I install 6' of cable for each?

Many Thanks again and sorry for all the (basic) questions!



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Found out this morning that our second offer has been accepted! Can anyone help with any of my queries above?

I've been having a look around and reading up on here - the Onkya amps looks good value for money

Thanks again!


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