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I wish to connect a subwoofer (not active) to a dts receiver. The sub only has speaker wire coming out the back. The receiver already has front left ,centre, front right and rear left and right speakers wired up.

How can I connect the subwoofer wires (+ and -) into the amp front speaker outputs to ensure bass signals are sent to the sub and not the front left and right speakers themselves.

I suume I would also have to set the subwoofer to off in the amp settings so that bass signals are not redirected? and set speakers as large?

Any advice appreciated.



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Does the sub have its own crossover network? if not what your planning to do won't work.
What is the impedance of the sub? most sub speakers are 4ohms ,connecting this to a speaker output that speakers are also connected to may cause damage to the receiver .
The best thing to do is save up for a powered sub, or get a separate amp just to power the sub and use the sub out on the receiver .

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