Is this plasma any good


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Do yourself a favour a spend another £100 and buy a Panny PE50 from somewhere like Empire Direct :thumbsup:


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Blacksheep1979 said:
little hint - you're in the lcd forum ;)
You sure about that :D

Its actually hard to say whether the set is any good or not, we bought a cheap Bush 28" 4 years ago and it was a great TV still has a excellent picture.

Sure it may not be as good as the big brands like Panasonic, Pioneer or Sony & others, but will it do a good job for the price ? 2yr Warranty is good most are only 1yr
I agree with SCRAPBOOK. Spend abit more and get a decent make.

Its worth the extra not just for the reliability but the picture will be so much better...You must be having second thoughts about it otherwise you wouldnt have found this forum!

Buy a panasonic!

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