Is this PC worth it ???


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Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q6600
3 GB DDR 2 Ram
320 Gb Hd
500 Gb Hd
TV Tuner
Windows Vista Home Premium
nVIDIA® GeForce™ 8500 GT

£600 is the quoted price, is it value for money.


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It would be ok if it had a better graphics card in it.


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GPU is lousy. Q6600 is previous gen chip, has been replaced.

No it isn't, and no it hasn't. It's a current chip but it's using the 65nm process so it's slightly hotter and less energy efficient than processors like the Q9300 that use the 45nm process, as far as I know it's not lacking in any features though. There is also no replacement currently, the Q9300 may be intended to replace it but as it's £20 more expensive currently I wouldn't consider it a replacement until it's the same price or less.

Speccing out a similar new system with 4GB of ram and a 750GB hard drive on a PC building site comes to £592 so I would say that one is probably overpriced, especially as the two hard drives and 3GB of ram make it sound like a second hand system that's been upgraded one or twice.


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If you are able to make your own, I wouldn't buy this one.

Personally it is overpriced IMHO.

A quick estimated roundup shows this.

£140 - Q6600
£60 - 3Gig Ram (You can buy 4Gig for the same Price).
£90 - Total for 2 Hard Drives
£70 - Motherboard
£60 - PSU
£50 - Case
£30 - GPU
£60 - Windows

= £560 and that is assuming they are giving you a HQ PSU and case, which is unlikely if it is a prebult Dell etc your buying, if it were a custom build then maybe they would be HQ.

I would personally make my own TBH.

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the q6600 is the best cpu for the money. the q9450 is the so called replacement for the q6600 and is basically just a die shrink. getting hold of a q9450 is very difficult as intel are way behind with their stock. reports suggesting now Q3 before it is mass available at rrp. also the q9450 is slightly faster at stock but has lower multiplier of 8 compared to 9 on the q6600 so overclock wont be much better unless u have a board capable of reaching 450 FSB +.

so i would get the q6600. regarding the gfx card depends on whether u intend to play latest games on it or not.


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overpriced mate, if you're able then I would suggest that you build ur own, you dont need to have a great deal of knowledge to do it.


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Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

I have a budget of around £600-£800 for my new machine. I am constantly busy, through work and other commitments meaning I don't have much spare time to build. I have built a few machines in the past for myself so I don't envisage a problem if I chose to go down that route. Finding the time is the issue.

Possibly have to wait until I get a few days off.


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Let me guess you have the Q6600? :rotfl: You also forgot to mention clock for clock the newer chips are faster.

No, I've got an Athlon XP 2700+

Are the new chips faster when clocked at the same speed? I haven't seen any Q6700 vs. Q9450 benchmarks yet.

If you want recommendations for a new PC then what will you be doing with it? There's no point in having an 8800GT wasting electricity if you're not going to be playing games, but if you are going to be playing games then you don't want anything less.




YUP correct link
I did say
Add in a good graphics card well within budget :thumbsup:

Ah I see, my bad I miss read your post. :oops:

One thing you cant do with Dell pc's is overclock them as these mobo features are locked off. :)


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I'd like to point out clock for clock the 9300 does NOT beat the Q6600... however the 9450 will do. the 9300 has less cache and in benchmarks doesnt perform as well.

AS for the newer generation i believe they support SSE 4.1 instructions which can give a 20% performance increase in software which takes advantage.. But to be honest at the moment... bang per buck the Q6600 wins hands down



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