Question Is this normal? LG 55UM7400



I recently bought this tv and while I was pretty happy with it but I have recently noticed a problem with it. While watching football I can see a vertical bar that is slightly brighter than the rest of the screen. I hadn't noticed it before but I'm guessing the uniform colour with watching football makes it more apparent? It's more visible on the left of the screen but I think it might also be on other areas of the screen but they are less visible.

Is this normal or does it sound like it's broken?



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@airuk That's called banding and is absolutely common each panal differs unfortunately and that goes for with IPS or VA, OLED's are prone to a higher degree in fact.
On cheaper or buget IPS & VA panals they can be even worse than the premium end its been that way for years. What we all call "panal lottery".😉
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