Is this Moire?



Got my spanking new TX36pb50 set delivered on Saturday:D

damm it was heavy!

I set it up on Sunday with Video Essentials and pretty much look damm fine.

However I'm getting an effect i think is moire. An example is the begining of T2 where the camera is spanning the devasted playground. I see blue, green and red wavy lines where the mangled metal is. Similar in effect to the 70's checked jacket causing colour disturbance.

If this is moire, I've seen a thread about defocusing the tube slight to reduce the affect.

If its isnt, what is it, and can it be fixed. Everything else looks OK and I'm impressed with the set.

The thread I found seem to say it was only NTSC that caused it. Is this true? If it is then I'm not that much bothered as we'll be rarely watch NTSC discs in the living room, it will be the occasional R2 disc of the wifes (westlife etc). Most disks will be in the cinema room with a progressive player and projector.


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The Moire effect I get on my tx32pb50 is only during NTSC playback using progressive scan mode (100Hz isn't as bad)

The problem you speak off doesn't sound like the moire effect


my panny only had moire down the sides of the tv and ONLY when I palyed NTSC.



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