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Is this legit?


Distinguished Member
I received an email today from someone I'd lost contact with quite a while ago. The email was an invite to view a Flickr slideshow, and when I click the link, it leads me to a webpage asking for my mobile number, saying that a code will be texted to me to access the pictures.

Is this normal for Flickr? I've no idea what photo's this person would want me to see, so I'm very curious to see them?

The link is HERE

Solomon Grundy

Distinguished Member
I wouldn't click it, sounds very similar to the MSN things that pop up every so often from people you have not spoken to for ages.


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I wouldn't do it. Sounds like a scam. Email them back asking if it's legit.


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I got something similar via a facebook hack. Basically a comment on my wall saying that they had "ejnoyed awtching yuor ass ebing flimed" and a link to a video.

I'm fairly sure that my ass has not been captured on film so I dumped it and sent them a text saying that their account was possibly hacked!


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Probably a scam so they can send you premium cost text messages.


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Sounds Iike a scam to me...


I think this is the giveaway:

To get full access pay with your mobile phone


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Definitely shady. Reminds me of Plaxo...

Don't click on any of the "remove me from mailing list" or similar links that may be in these emails - that's how they confirm your account is valid and in use. Instead blacklist the domain fanbox.com or sms.ac if you can :thumbsup:

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