is this lcd worth it


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To those that said " no " to the question, can we presume that you both have hands on experience of this TV before condemning it?

It looks fairly well specked for the money to me, however as I don't have any real experience of the set, I am unable to give a firm yes or no.:rolleyes:


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if i got thislcd, what is the best way to connect it to a 360
it has hdmi, vga, and component

VGA is the best method to currently connect an xbox to a display.

Personally I wouldnt spend £640 on a budget TV. But considering that budget 32" are around the £450-500 mark, the price looks alright. As to whether its good or not, only personal experience will tell as people are very different with what they find acceptable.



Is this item not a Teco?. If this is a Teco product (the part number is very similar to Teco/Viewsonic part numbers) is this still not considered to be a good specification for the money?. Tried to find more information on this product but no one seems to know a lot about this. Aria are not very forthcoming to answer pre-order questions either.

Thank you.


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Aria are not very forthcoming to answer pre-order questions either.

Thank you.

I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Like a lot of similar companies Aria are fine until a problem arises. I bought a data projector from them with a three year warranty, which seemed to run from when they stocked the item rather than when I bought it loosing me 3 months. They were very hard to deal with and didn't always reply to emails. In the end I complained to the manufacturer who luckily sorted it out.

IF you have dead pixels I expect they would not be sympathetic.

I still think spending a lot of money on a tv with them is a mistake.

Although I have no experience of the tv in question (asked above) I would not put my money there!

Best deal is all the price matches JL are doing, they include 5 year warranty and they have a great customer service that works!!

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