Is this grey uniformity normal? Can it be claimed under warranty?


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I got a TCL TV (65c715) recently and im noticing some really really bad grey uniformity. It's quite distracting. I wanted to ask is this something that can be claimed under warranty? Moreover is it normal for LED LCDs to have such issues?



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There's no obviously areas with sharp changes in brightness in your picture and it's hard to judge absolute brightness variation from photos.

You shouldn't expect a budget brand like TCL to be perfect if you go looking for it - they're not going to be using the top binned panels - but if it's distracting during actual content then it may well be grounds for return.

As for any manufacturer warranty, they cover only what they say they cover so you'd have to look at the terms for any that TCL provide.
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The Reflex77

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The Reflex77

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^well there you have it! If you Dont notice it in content I wouldn't worry too much. Some tvs turn off LD in menus anyways. You should be gtg!

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