Is this ghosting? Other problems too.


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Nov 8, 2001
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Sorry to start another thread, but after searching for a few hours I couldn't really find an answer. My Thomson is great apart from one problem. On pans or fast movement in games and films I see a bright yellow or purple ghost where the image was on screen. E.g. a pillar in a room which moves off screen to the left has a bright ghost to its right. I wouldn't say it smears, but leaves behind a very bright unnatural coloured ghost.

Playing FIFA 06 on the Xbox left me feeling quite sick as the lines on the pitch were leaving behind ghosts and the screen looked a right mess. I had to switch to a end to end camera so the lined were not going down the screen.

Thomson tell me this is a fault, but is this just something that happens on LCDs? The set claims to be 16ms and apart from this I am really pleased with it. An engineer is actually coming to take a look at the set soon, but previously engineers have been useless when called out before. The set also has intermittent problems where the sound does not come on and the image becomes garbled. These problems are fixed by turning the set off and on again.
It's smearing caused by slow response times.
It's something you see on cheap and nasty LCDs

Ghosting is entirely different and is usually caused by video loopback on SCART cables.

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