Is this game region locked ????


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:mad:Got got the game on Tuesday and tried to play it on my Japanese PS3 but got error message stating 'You cannot play this game at the current video output setting 80028F10'. I have now tried on another TV (haven't got a HD cable but is HD compatible) and I got the same message. I have attempted to change the settings of the PS3 to play through scart but kept ending up at a screen that had a preset tick for a 'ntsc' that I couldn't chane to PAL - I now have no PS3 display (blank screen) when loading GTA but if I load another game (Rainbow Six 2) everything is fine !!! Any help wolud be appreciated - what's going on !!!:confused:


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I have a jap ps3 and my pal disk works fine mate, so its defo region free.


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Region free is only really viable for HD as its a worldwide standard, if your not using HD then your stuck with the PAL / NTSC issues in which they are really not that compatible and can lead to issues.


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:lease: Things have taken a turn for the worse !!! I attempted to play the game using a HD cable - no luck !! Even worse though I can't play any of my games either through HD or scart (as prevoiusly). The problem isn't with a game loading (apart form GTA which still doesn't work) as when using the HD method the screen 'flicks on & off intermitently for a brief second and you can see the front screen of the game as normal, this is also the case when a game isn't inserted & the PS menu is displayed. I now have no display at all through scart etc. Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated.::eek:

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