Is this for real?


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rudy said:
A Paws for thought..

i'd have thought they couldnt edit such historic material, surely there is a claws in the contract



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I think the saddest thing about this whole affair is that this has been the result from a letter from just 1 viewer:lesson: :lesson:

This has to be one of the saddest days of tv, what next banning Top cat for gambling???? Homer Simpson for eating / drinking to much????

Oh Dear!!!!




truly pathetic. The person who complained should be ashamed....and why didnt they moan about the mouse hitting the cat on the toes with over-sized comedy hammers?? Or the Anvil on the head, or the big needle up the arris etc.


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It is very disappointing that just one viewer can cause OFCOM to dictate that scenes of smoking in classic animation shows like "T&J", "The Flintstones", et al, could be considered to be potentially dangerous to children in 2006, despite such animations being forty or fifty years old now!

Whilst I don't agree with the decision, just as I didn't agree with the decision to alter old Warner Bros cartoons or Tom & Jerry animations for their recent DVD releases, it does appear that OFCOM seem to adhere to the view that we have to protect every single viewer of such material, just-in-case a viewer ends-up becoming tempted to ape something they see on television.

I was under the impression that "Boomerang" was designed to specifically air classic childrens cartoons (unlike, say, Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, etc). Would it not make more sense to not cut or alter the works, but only air them, say, after 9pm in the evening, when children (or young children by any means), are less likely to be watching?

And this brings me onto another issue: how come Channel 4 can air "Friends" episodes (some of which are 12 or 15 rated) early in the morning, uncut and uncensored, which often contain toilet-based or sexually-suggestive humour, and such material is not considered to be inappropriate for young children to view, but a cartoon from the 1940's, is deemed inappropriate?! And why don't OFCOM censor "Sherlock Holmes" episodes, that have him smoking a pipe, which contains opium? It appears to be one rule for one channel, and a second rule for others!

As other viewers have said, we are turning into a completely nanny-controlled state, where we can no longer say, read, view or hear anything we want, unless its suitable for minors! A sad day for British TV broadcasting indeed! :(



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Ted Turner has been censoring and altering cartoons for years.
T&J have were edited for racisism 20 years ago.
Bugs bunny too.

Loads of cartoons have been totally suppressed for racial stereotypes.

All This And Rabbit Stew
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
Education fo death
Red Hot Riding Hood
Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarfs
Der Fuehrer's face

to name but a few.


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Fahrenheit 451 here we come

Lets just hurry up and ban all books, films, music and art shall we? :smashin:

after all theres always something in all forms of media that certain groups will be offended by


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Red Hot riding Hood--is that the cartoon with the wolf?
when he's in the bar and says,
"the drinks are on the house boys!"
and they all rush up to the roof
:rotfl: :rotfl:

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