Is this edge enhancement?

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On a number of disks that i played over the weekend (Fellowship of the ring, Copland and an X-Files Epsiode) i noticed on a couple of occasions a kind of pixelisation briefly around the outline of a person as they moved/walked/ran

As i say it was only brief but i noticed it everytime, i can't remember having seen it before. it did not happen in any other part of the picture.

I have just upgraded to a 30" LCD TV and i am wondering if this is a problem with the TV or indeed Edge Enchancement that is now more noticable because the new TV


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sjp1966 said:
is this is the wrong forum? can a mod move if it is please.
This is the right forum mate but sometimes it takes a while before anyone replys on here,mainly due to people not having access to a pc in the daytime/work.

Steve D Green


it sounds more like either mpeg blocking, or some image processing that is going on in your TV.

explains edge enhancement.

I'd have a look in the TV settings, see what options there are for things like digital noise reduction, and try turning them off.

What DVD player are you using and how is it connected to the TV?




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On broadcast DTV this is called mosquito noise


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As a somewhat novice on this subject....that link from SG was teriffic. Very helpful :thumbsup:

Steve D Green


You're welcome.

Since I got my projector, it's made me realise how bad some discs can look with EE, even ones that I thought were great previously.

I don't know if it is mosquito noise though, although it does sound like it, I would have thought FOTR would have been well encoded enough not to have a problem like that.

Best way to find out is to pause the DVD when it happens, if it's still there then it's on the disc, if it disappears it's more than likely a setting on the TV.

- Steve

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Thanks for the reply people, i will take a look through that link today too, the sharpness is already set to 0, although Pixel Plus is on, i have set the brightness and stuff using DVE. and the scart leads are RGB ones and good quality.

I will need to go through the tv options and check stuff out

thanks again

EDIT: I read through that link and what i have is not edge enhancement (i dont think) the edge enhancement described in that links came in form of lack of detail and halo's, where as i get a kind of pixelisation, but it is only on certain areas of the screen, and normally (although not always) something that is moving, eg around someones head, or shoulders.

its only since i got the new TV, so i think it is the new TV that is causing the problem, i will see if i can find some info


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Can you turn Pixel Plus off? Might be introducing unwanted artefacts.

If it can't be disabled you're probably stuck with it. If your player has DVI/HDMI this probably bypasses Pixel Plus processing on the Philips.

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