Is this dithering?interference?Digital noise? (hd200x)

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    Hi guys, first post here, wondered if you could help me with a problem.

    I just bought an hd200x to use with a htpc, set it up and all is great until I walk maybe 3 feet from the screen and notice what can best be described as static moving around, this is on a still wallpaper jpeg I have as my windows background.I cant see it on the lighter parts of the picture but its very noticeable 5 feet and in on darker colours, like dark brown/reds/blacks.Res is set to [email protected]

    Ive tried 4 different hdmi cables, different lengths (1m,1.5m, 1.5m and 10m) and all proper shielded. 14 etc,3 different power cables, ran my laptop through the projector and that too displays the same static/grain moving around on still images.Plugged my htpc in to my old hd65 and the still image shows no static but this is obviously @720p.

    So is this normal for this projector?Im not sure if this is classed as dithering, interference etc.Its not white spots like some people have had but more a very mild static, think of a grainy movie but maybe 30% of that but noticeable a few feet in on a still image.
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