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Haven't got the beta for this and probably won't bother but curious as to how different the MP is to COD4.

I played COD4 to death for about 2 months on release and then went back to it on and off for the next few months.

Thought it was an excellent online game but lacked a bit of depth. Still very enjoyable though and I got my money's worth form it.

My question is, is World at War significantly different to warrant a release day purchase or does the MP just "feel" the same as COD4, but with new maps and guns?

I don't want in-depth explanations from the purists point of view like "the MP 44 has slightly more recoil :lesson:" blah blah, just a view from the casual gamer.



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All i can say is the graphics are slightly prettier but altogether cod4 is just much better especially the guns much easier to use the cod4 felt like you were really fighting somewhere real cod3 is more like playing an arena like in UT3 if you dont have money to blow just stick to GOW2 and dead space (which is not my cuppa tea but looks good) if you have money to splurge then why not it will offer some new perks and some new maps which will keep you entertained for the blockbusters like GOW or in my case little big planet:thumbsup:


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I just played a few games and feel it's not that much different from COD4 and in my opinion not worth buying for the multiplayer alone.

The only real difference I found was instead of a helicopter you get dogs.

Obviously there are different weapons etc. Oh and you can also use vehicles but I haven't used any yet...


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Might be an idea to just hire it from Blockbusters first. 40 quid is a lot of cash to shell out for what is basically a very good COD3 remix!


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I prefer COD4 so far :(

Teddy Windsor

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Only had about an hour or so on it tonight, but I reckon anyone who still plays COD4 will love it - pretty polished with new maps, different gametypes and slight weapon/perk differences (although most of the upgrades seem pretty far fetched).

Unfortunately, after playing it to death, I burned out on Modern Combat months ago and so far I haven't seen anything in World at War to bring me back to the franchise. It's all too fast and frantic after getting my FPS fun from BFBC - although that may have more to do with my limitations rather than the game's (I was getting absolutely hammered - I can't believe how good some people have already got ... very frustrating without decent matchmaking).

This seems more like an expansion pack and unless it's offered at a cut price, I'll probably be spending my cash for Far Cry 2.



Gordon B

I'm with Teddy on this one.

If this was the PC forum we would all be saying what a great mod Treyarch have made for COD4 because as far as I can tell that's all this is.

Same menus, same party system, it all looks just a bit too familiar.

Will be worth a play through on co-op I reckon but not at release, I'll wait til its £20 in January. Far more worthy contenders for my buck this christmas.


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Way I'm viewing this game is as others have mentioned. It's COD4.5, not gonna have the same impact as COD4 did when it blew us out the water. I'm seeing this as a new map pack and a new(old) weapon pack mainly and as such will be looking to pay expansion pack prices for it i.e. sub £20.

To be honest, from what I feel, had they just released this as a 1800 MP download I probably would've gone for that :thumbsup:


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Totally agree, it's just a reskinned COD4. It is essentially the same game with new maps, guns and 1 or 2 ideas thrown in for good measure.

I can see nothing massively different. Having only got hold of the beta last night, I found myself already feeling the drag of levelling up etc to get new weapons and items.

Maybe it's a grower, but made me realise just how good COD4 was and how silly I have been not really playing it for the last 6 months or so :D


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Sadly I agree it's just a COD4 "modpack" as far as the multiplayer goes. What I'm more looking forward to is the 4 player co-op campaign. I have a few friends getting this game and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. It also helps that I have developed a love of WW2 games and history.


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Its COD 4.2 as far as I'm concerned. Fast, run and gun with the usual perks and more besides. Looks great, plays well enough but the annoying habits of the camping few have already begun to materialise.

Weapons feel very different, but I suppose they'd have to and the dogs at 7 kill streak are a great addition, as long as they're your dogs. There's nothing that will surprise you if you played COD4 and it looks like they've done a good job with the maps. I'll be getting it for a bit of MP and the 4 player co-op which can't be beat.


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i have to agree.

Create a class, the challanges are the same as COD 4.

Instead of radar at 3 kills you get a recon plane to do the same thing.
At 5 kills Artillary instead of airstrike to do the same thing
At 7 kills dogs instead of Hellicopter.

It is like COD 4 with new maps. It is like an expansion pack. If you have played COD 4 online its the same.

Hope the single player has lots of levels, but after COD 4 i prefer modern warfare


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I'm glad they've kept to a very similar format to COD4, I still regularly play COD4 and its one of my most played games. COD5 seems a lot bigger and I like the new games types. I was going to leave it for a xmas pressie but from playing the Beta I may have to get it on the day. Also, I remember playing the COD4 beta and not thinking too much of it but when I got the whole game it blew me away!


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I played Beta for an hour last night and was surprised at how good it was.
To be honest I bought my Xbox for COD and will get WAW on release.

If it's the equivelant to an add-on to COD4(as some have said) then I think it's a bloody awesome add-on and well worth £39.99.

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