is this cube pack worth £99 ??


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£99.99 zelda bonus disc sonic heroes simpsons hit an run and cube ??? i will be trading in all the games as i have simpsons and detest the other 2 basically getting it for resi and the new resi and basically nothing else.


this is also the dilema i am in, i am thinking about getting one just for res evil. Also still looking for a great dreamcast bargain :(


The best deals:


£119 = GC+ Super Mario Sunshine + Star Wars Rogue Squadron III Rebel Strike + Hulk + Harry Potter + Zelda classics

£99 = GC + Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles + zelda classics + GC GBA link

£99 EA selection of 2 games + GC , games are new like Return of the King, TIger woods 2004, Fifa 2004


£99 = GC + 2nd controller + memory card + Mario Kart + Zelda classics

Virgin had some good stuff but forgot what they were.

The deal you found is darn good if you like those games.


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Originally posted by elitedono


£99 = GC + 2nd controller + memory card + Mario Kart + Zelda classics
add Super Mario Sunshine for £9.99 with the same deal


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i got my first cube because of mario sunshine tbh and i wouldnt buy it again not even for 10 quid its pretty much the same old crap that was mario 64(which was awesome) know where near the step up i i said i only want it for resi really so i will be trading all the games etc in.argos deal looks the best deal though thanks :)

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