is this card suitable for my HTPC?


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spyder viewer

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Not sure if I've missed some special feature on the card you've selected but if there's nothing special. then this one from Amazon is cheaper and has the benefit of two separate low profile back plates. The one you specified: the low profile backplate takes up two slots on the back panel.

A better card in my view would be the Sapphire HD 4540. For a media player 512mb is enough.


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ah this is most confusing it's so long since i've bothered with computers and everything has changed...

from looking a bit more I think that the card i've suggested comes with two back plates, one which has the three connection in a single row(as in the picture at the top of the page), and the other which has them as two rows (as in the picture when you scroll down)

the VGA connection seems to come from ribbon wire on the side of the board rather than directly connected to the board, making it easier to choose what suits the space available...

finger crossed anyway otherwise i'm going to have to spend alot of time updating myself....

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