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Is this blackout material



hi, i am planning to build a static screen (i think that what it's called). i went to our local fabric shop today and they had a roll of blackout material for £4.99 per meter at 54" wide. when i looked at it (having not seen any before) it was white on both sides, one side was lightly fluffy the other smooth. my question is, which side do i project against fluffy or smooth? the material was quite thick, does this sound like the stuff you guys are using. by the way i will be using it with my HS50, currently i have a matt white painted rectangle on the wall. cheers, Jason.


Aye that sounds like the right stuff mate, I project onto the fabric (fluffy) side :)


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Hmm, the stuff I got was a mottled grey (and slightly "fluffly") on one side and a matt white on the other. I'm obviously using the matt white side.


I think there seems to be quite a bit of variation nationwide with regards BO material, the stuff I'm using currently is more cream in colour as opposed to full on white.
Also be aware the whiter the cloth the brighter the projected image but the less black the blacks, the more cream/grey then the blacker the blacks will appear, personal preference is what matters at the end of the day.


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The shop I went to had two types - one was black one side & white the other and the type I bought was white one side and slightly beige on the other.

The beige side is smooth and I project onto the textures white side. Gives a great picture but it does suffer a little on blacks as you'd expect.


Thanks guys for all the help. Looks like I will have to get some and start building.
Cheers, Jason.


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I purchased my Blackout material from Dunelm. I used the rubberised side for projection as this is easier to clean and produced some very pleasing images from my Barco 801S.


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