Is this better than the Sky+ £99 Refurb Deal?



I see that sky are now offering on the web :

free install
free extra digibox
10/month (? not sure if thats for the extra digibox or for sky+)

I think the refurb deal will have attracted more new customers than this one.

People often talk themselves out of spending over £100 on this sort of thing. £99 is almost an impusle buy.

I see Sky reducing the price of Sky+ down to £99 within the next 3 months.


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From looking at the website the offer you mention costs £199 (Hardware & Install) then £40 a month for the SKYworld package and £10 a month for the mirror subscription. SKY+ fee waived under the two premium channel deal.

Pretty good deal for someone starting from scratch and quite frankly the PACE minibox was always over priced, it's about time SKY started selling new digiboxes at cost to subscribers.

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