Is this better than the Samsung LCD?


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Oct 4, 2004
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Found THIS posted in the LCD setion,it is a massive 37" LCD from BenQ

it has component so can be used for hi-def gaming on 360 has vga so i should be able to connect my pc to it, from reading the article it says 1920x1080, and its an 8ms refresh rate and all for 999 quid.

Sounds too good to be true, or am i missing something?

EDIT - mmm, interesting. I put the product number into google and it only comes up with 32" versions so i replaced the 32 with 37 and I think this is exactly the same TV from a different site for practically the same price and same spec from what i can tell. So the first one I posted must have been a typo on the site in the model number on the website or something, anyway heres a link to the one i found now

You lot have a look and let me know what u think is it a con?, as it just seems so cheap? i'm baffled i thought the 32" sammy was a bargain at about 900 quid and that res is 1366x768, so with this having a higher resolution and a bigger screen and a better 8ms refresh rate, surely this is good? or are the price just plummeting in time for xmas, if so does that the 32" sammy will drop even more, ooh very interesting times to be interested in getting an LCD!
I just had a look at Ben Q's site and that TV/monitor certainly exists, it doesnt do 1080p like the first link you had said. But it does do 1920X1080i which is good enough. It also has 2 components, and DVI with HDCP (i imagine its DVI-D) also has VGA, but doesnt specify how high it goes resoluton wise. It should do at least 1920X1200 but its unlikely as it is designed to be a TV and not a monitor.

Theres also a 46" model that looks the same.

Any of these would be good for the 360, but I dont know how much they are supposed to be.
i'm amazed at the price though, 999 for a 37" LCD. spending a grand on a plasma usually get something with a lower resolution, which sucks. so this seems a very good deal, will try and see if they can get this in a store near me for a similar price
Interesting. I have used Komplett before, I bought my projector from them. Got to say I am tempted....
I personaly will be buying a new LCD monitor By "Eizo" which has VGA and DVI-D.

With a native res of 1920X1200. Good for both the 360 and my PC.

Next year I will be buying either sony's new "Bravia" LCD or whatever Sharp release next year. These panels are/will be 1080p native and have more than one HDMI.
Perfect for PS3.
If anyone does take the plunge for that BenQ 37" LCD at 999 quid, please post here with your thoughts or a review and some screenies please ;)

About 1080p, the good thing about 1080p sets is well when they get released that should know the price down considerably a bit more of the 720p/1080i sets. But why would someone spend say 2 - 3 grands on an LCD or plasma that the 1080p signal can only be used for ps3, and not all ps3 games will be 1080p as standard, 720p is the standard so when say in a few more years 1080p becomes standard and sky start broadcasting in 1080p etc, then it will be worth the money.

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