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Is this as good as the last one?.......


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Hey all,

I was looking (last year) at the Panasonic SC-BT200 Blu Ray system. I've now notice that it is being disconituned and seen the SC-BT330 is this the replacement for the 200 and is it as good as the 200???


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I have been looking at the SC-BT200 for a few months and then saw that there was a new model SC-BT230 and found that the SC-BT200 was being discontinued.

I recently sent panasonic an email asking whether the SC-BT230 was a replacement for the SC-BT200 - yes is the answer I got, so don't know about the SC-BT330! I also asked what the differences between them was.

The reply I got was:

There a few main difference between these to models but the 230 would be the better of the two.

This model has:

2 Optical inputs as well as 2 UBS ports.

It works with the I Phone

It can be made wireless to connect to the internet.

It has True Cinema sound.

Still haven't taken the plunge so sorry don't know what the SC-BT230 is like, but don't know if the SC-BT330 is also replacing the SC-BT200 but with the large speakers instead of the small!

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