Is this any good?


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Never seen it but sounds interesting and at thast price you can hardly go wrong - DTS track too!

Rambo John J

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You can go wrong, and at any price.
I'd been waiting for this one to be released after a long time of watching trailers for it online.
It's bad. Sold mine on as soon as I'd watched it.
Loads of promise, but ultimately.... crap.

The things some people are prepared to sit through in the name of dts :rolleyes: ;) :laugh:

99p would be about 3 quid too much


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It's not bad and the price is ok but you should be able to get it for 2.50 with 1.50link found on the forum.

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a huge star in Asia, in particular Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is half Taiwanese and Japanese.

Loads of advertising and films and the PS2 game Onimusha look is based on him.



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I was really looking forward to this after seeing the trailer. Unfortunately the trailer has the best bits in it :(


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its not bad! I have seen better and seen worse!

Basically its a saturday afternoon film, you put it on and just let it wash over you!
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