Is this a wise purchase?


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I think this is the right place for this thread as primarily I am looking for a PC for DV editing so here goes.
I'm very dubious as to whether the PC in this link is too good to be true.
On face value it ticks all the boxes I've seen listed on this forum to give it the thumbs up for DV editing. I'm unsure of how many expansion slots there are to increase the RAM. The sweaty plams bit though is that it is sold through Aldi, which, if you know this shop, is a cheap, poor quality outlet. So if they're knocking out such a high spec. machine for £750 it must also be poor quality shouldn't it? There's no monitor so that would keep the price down. (This suits me as I'm happy with what I have already):D
So, my question is, does anybody know this make and can vouch for it's quality?
Oh, and they're also offering 3 year free helpline and onsite warranty!!:clap:


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I had exactly the same feelings when Aldi did a similar offer last year.

All I can say is that the PC is superb and I've not had a problem with it, unlike previous makes I've had, and I would have no hesitation in getting another in the future.

Medion only make PC's for bulk deals like this. I think that Toys R Us have sold Medions in the past. All the components seem to be well known brands. I've just upgraded my PC from 512Mb to 1Gb. Only one SIMM socket was in use, so it was very easy and painless to do. The PC basically has everything you're likely to need (and a few more besides).

The only comment that I would make is that this offer started from the 1st April (probably not the best of dates to have an offer like this!!!). Aldi only ever have a limited stock and most get snapped up very quickly - I joined a large queue outside my Aldi an hour before opening time and when we were let in, they were literally flying off the shelves. I think you'll be very lucky to find any left in stock.

If you do find one, however, all I'll say is... go for it!


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Thanks Mel,
I popped in my local Aldi yesterday and they had 3 or 4 there. This is one of lifes defining moments. (How do I qualify this amount of spend to the guv within a few months of £1000 on my cam!!!) Ideas, suggestions please:lease: :devil: :confused:


I bought one of these computers with tft monitor from Toys r us two weeks ago, it's got everything and no more rows about what to watch on telly!! with the telly mode running on the desktop and surfing at the same time.
Only prob at moment cannot get any sound when recording analogue cam video, digital blinding!
Waiting for reply from Medion who contacted me on FRIDAY!!!!! to say they will be back to me after the holiday.


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Sounds like one sound investment to me. Still working on the trouble to get the nod!!:thumbsup:

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