Is this a plasma fault?


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I recently got a Panny TH-42PW4 plasma, and am very, very happy with it. I also got the matching speakers and stand with the unit.

I have noticed though, that there is a faint buzzing coming from the back of the panel. It's definately not the speakers, I have checked.

It seems to be eminating from the opposite side to the power connector, but it does sound to me like a 'power' type noise. It also seems to get fainter after the plasma has been on for a while, but it is still noticable, especially on quieter scenes.

Anyone else experiencing this? It doesn't seem to effect the operation of the screen at all, and it's been very reliable, but you know what these things are like, it's annoying for us perfectionists!


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It's probably just power supply running noise. My Toshiba 42WP16 has a similar buzz but you have to put your ear right up to the back of it to hear it.

Over the last few years I've learned a very valuable lesson that I think most of us can benefit from and that is to not actively look for faults on our new “TOYS”.
Almost without exception I have found fault with every AV item I have purchased over the last five years. I was never quite happy with my old Panasonic 36PF10, always looking for convergence or purity errors etc.
When I purchased my Plasma a few months ago I decided that I wouldn’t actively look for faults. I didn’t scan every pixel or listen for any buzzes or hums and I can honestly say that this is the most enjoyable piece of kit I have purchased because of my more relaxed attitude.
I’m not saying we should ignore obvious faults, but don’t deliberately look for things because I bet your viewing will now be ruined because your attention will fixate on that buzzing power supply just like mine used to with one small corner of my 36PF10 that didn’t quite have perfect convergence.

Just my opinion!


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Your comments are very valid, and I respect them. Having spent 4k on the plasma, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't/hasn't developed a fault. You are probably right in what you are saying, so I will have to check that the plasma power cable is not interfering with anything else in the spaghetti mess at the back.

When you get involved in home cinema, having spent the money, most people want things set up 'just right'. Perfect position for speakers, sub level, TV picture quality (geometry etc). We all do it, we can't help it. We tweak, and tweak again, and most are never completely happy (as you said). And then when we do think things are setup just right, we start to imagine or look for problems, so we can tweak some more!

I think it's just the way we are. For our investment, we all want's things as perfect as possible!


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I have not noticed any buzzing from mine. I know this has been discussed in the past - may be worth searching the forums for more info.


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Neil, I am using a Keene syncblaster SCART to VGA cable currently from an NTL (Pace) digibox for normal TV viewing.

On the whole, it's not bad. Some channels are better than others, but there is some grain in the image, but that's NTL's broadcasting rather than the plasma.

It's definately still very watchable, but poor compared to DVD over component. I'm looking to switch to terrestrial digital in the next couple of months, and with the correct aerial and decoder, I'm hoping for improvements (we live in a good signal area).


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The buzz is a known issue with Panasonic plasma's, it is more noticable on some than on others, but for the most part it doesn't seem to worry most people that much.

There are a lot of posts about it over on the AVS forums, here is an extract from a Panasonic e-mail concerning the matter :

The "noise" you are hearing is a result of piezo capacitors used in
the scanning printed circuit boards as you have noticed on the right and left sides. They are configured in a send-receive fashion accounting for their slight difference in audible levels.



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I thought that the whole point of buying all this stuff was looking for faults and incompatibilities !
Watching TV (perish the thought !!) is purely secondary to the joy of finding yet another fault with something you've JUST bought ! lol ;)

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