Is this a Panel Failure Issue (LG OLED TV)


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Hi All,

I have a LG OLED65E6V OLED currently within the 5 year warranty from JL and over Christmas I observed on the NON HD Channels the following issues (as indicated in attached pictures and video):

1. Lines down side of screen
2. Black notch on top of screen

This is a second panel replacement from LG as last year they replaced screen burn on my panel for £250 (non warranty). These new issues based on images have been deemed a panel failure and a repair cost of £2000 (to be covered by warranty).

Any insight you can give would be much appreciated


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Are those lines present when you view other external sources or the TV's apps ? If not and the problem isn't visible when watching the HD channels, then I would be wondering if it could be a tuner issue ?

The 'overscan' setting is designed to mask (admittedly different) issues with the edge of the screen when watching Freeview. It isn't usually desirable to have that turned on, but it's less of an issue with the SD channels which look poor anyway !

If the repair bill is estimated to be £2000, then I would have thought a 5 year-old TV would be written off and replaced, rather than repaired.


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Thank you for your advice, this is helpful and yes this only occurs on Non HD channels, so any suggestions on how to test and fix and diagnose this would be appreciated


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Forgot to say this issue came about when accessing via Sky and testing on channels 101 (non hd bbc) and other non hd channels


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If it was a panel fault then I would expect to see the problem occurring with other sources. Are you able to test it with anything else other than Sky, like the TV's own apps or a Blu-ray player ?

If it's covered by your warranty then I guess it should be nothing to worry about, but it would make sense to ensure it's actually a fault as far as possible, to avoid being without a TV for some time, unnecessarily.


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Do you think the sky q box could be at fault? shall I test it with a different one to see if the problem persists?


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Do you think the sky q box could be at fault? shall I test it with a different one to see if the problem persists?
Definitely worth ruling out, hence my suggestion about trying other sources.


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The LG has a built in Freesat tuner, how about hooking up the LNB cable to it directly to see what the PQ is like. But yeah, I think moving away from SD channels might be good advice, lol!


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If that’s a panel fault you see it everywhere. Try Netflix. If it’s there…panel fault. If not…just SD source issues and best ignored. I’m betting the latter.


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Have been in dialogue with LG and they think it is a software issue. This is the result of my tests:

1. No problems HD Channels
2. Same lines appear when running ITV Hub from Laptop via HDMI
3. Mixed results when running Netflix on TV (via Netflix App on LG TV)
4. Lines appear on Sky non HD channels e.g. 101 and 131
5. Plugged in laptop and no issues on login screen or on desktop when plugged in via HDMI
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