is this a normal temp for idle?

as per title.

ive attatched a screen shot of real temp 3.60 that monitors cpu temps. and they seem a little.....high to me.

are they normal for it at idle? all the cpu specs are above the temps in the attatched image. probably make more sence to you guys than me.


room temp rarely gets above 25/30 degrees celcius

whats HSF?
stock intel i7 heatsink and fan
also under load it jump to 55-60


Seems fine to me. Intel quads run a bit hotter, 70-80max temp. I'm running a 950 overclocked to 3.8ghz doesn't go above 55 (but cold in here) If you want to overclock get another cooler, the Noctua D14 is vert good. But big and expensive. It outperforms the Corsair H70 watercooled kit (shame as like the tidiness of H70 around CPU socket)
well the reason i ask is because im cramming a GTX460 into the case and wanted to make sure the cpu temps wont fry the processor lol


nah, but internally vented 460 may raise CPU temp, so need higher cfm rear mounted case fan to expel the warmer air. If i had a 470 I wouldn't want it to stay inside the case, probably get side blower stock design (even though it's louder) unless there's a custom cooler with side blower that's quieter and better than stock.
well i have a 120mm exhaust fan on the rear thats the same level as the cpu and another 120mm fan thats pretty much level with where the 460 will sit as an exhaust as well.

might have to invest into a cpu water cooling unit soon tho
only really need a sealed unit like the coolit domino thingies. as long as it keeps the cpu chilly the rest of the system can blow up if it likes, i7's cost WAY to freaking much to have one fry on me
i'll take ur word for it berties. ya been giving pretty solid advice lol. i'll just upgrade the fans and go with aftermarket cpu cooling.
i've had a quick search around (probably one of the few people who can use a search engine efficeintly enough to get good information in a few minutes lol) the sythe slipsteam 120mm's seem to be good case fans so will upgrade to 3 of those.

the cpu cooler you suggested is outta my price range for th cpu cooler, any other suggestions?


Scythe Ninja, have used rev 1, 2 & 3. But more suited to running passive or very low cfm fan ie HTPC. But will be lower temps than stock cpu cooiler
holy crud thats a pretty looking cpu cooler lol.

that'll be the one i go for! thanks berties!!!
i got a thermaltake M9 case

i can fit 2.5 i7 stock coolers and thier fans between the cpu and the side panel. so should be big nough lol
hi again. another stupid question.

is there a pure pipe cpu cooler? in the sence that theres no heatsink simply a network of pipes with a fan or two somewhere?

reason i ask is because heatsinks collect waaaay to much dust and a network of pipes with a couple of fans would be easier to clean off.


Heatpipes convect the heat away from the direct contact with the CPU, but heatpipes will need a heatsink. Much like a car radiator you can't just have waterpipes going back onto the block, it needs a radiator and fan for the rushing air through the radiator to cool it.

if your case is collecting dust, use dust shields. My cases are pretty clean even after 2 years, you do get the very fine dust but no huge clumps.
joy, thats the only downside to the thermaltake m9 is the long slits it has in the side, you can install 2 120mm fans on the side panel but there are slits that would occupy another 80mm fan if the holes where there.......i feel the need for epoxy resin coming on

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