Is this a MEDIA issue or a DVD-Recorder problem?


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I have a Samsung DVDR-122 dvd writer.

I recorded onto some DVD-R's things from my Sky+ planner, the recording comes up ok, I finalise the disc.

But when I play it in a DVD player, it skips, stutters every so often, and generally makes things unviewable...

It happens in more than 1 dvd player, so does this mean its the media? Or the DVD-Recorder thats at fault?

The DVD-R media I am using is;

Mirror Platinum 8x DVD-R

Should I try a better make? Such as Verbatim, Maxell, TDK etc?

I just don't want to waste money on more dvd-r's if they are not at fault?


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I would try some better ones first before sending the recorder back as faulty. I always use good quality Verbatim discs as a minimum when recording.


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I purchased a pack of 25 Mirror 4x discs from Maplin over a year ago to use in my Panasonic machines. Only one out of 8 tried worked. The rest are still on the spindle. I have never dared to use one again. Probably get dumped I expect.
Try some Datawrite Yellow.


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It really is frustrating when poor quality discs let you down,
I agree with Royold"s suggestion above and have had good results with Yellow tops.
More recently I have been useing Verbatim discs as Sainsbury"s were doing a bogof offer. The first spindle of 25 were excellent , then I started getting failures on high speed dubs on the second spindle.
Was really worried it was the recorder, then tried a new spindle and the results were ok again.
Only 100% reliable discs I have used are Ram discs , does the Samsung 122 record on these ?


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Hi folks,

Yes the Samsung 122 does DVD-RAM, but unfortunately my girlfriends DVD player doesnt play DVD-RAM discs, which is a shame, as I put the things onto DVD to watch round there...

Might have to buy her a cheap DVD player with RAM support, so I can just do it like that, as it'll cost a lot more in DVD-R's throwing them away after watching a film etc!


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What about trying DVD-RW? as they are reusable?


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I've taken your advice ROYOLD and got myself a Panasonic S27 from ebay!

I'll start using DVD-RAM discs now :D Thanks again!


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JohnG said:
I would try some better ones first before sending the recorder back as faulty. I always use good quality Verbatim discs as a minimum when recording.

In my manual for the R125 recorder Samsung only recommend certain blank discs - such as - Panasonic Maxell Verbatim TDK

I've also found that the cheap Logik brand from PC World seem OK.

Cheers, Dave C.


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I tried using a Verbatim DVD-R to record the apprentice from my Sky Planner.

It stuttered a bit on the DVD player at times, maybe every 20 mins, for about 4-5 seconds, not as bad as the Mirror DVD's I'd used before, which skipped chapters!

I have a feeling its more the DVD-Player itself (Cello!) So look forward to getting the Panasonic S27 this week!

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