Is this a HDMI cable problem?


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I purchased a Panny AE700, and an 8m Supra HDMI cable about 4 weeks ago. On Friday I took delivery of a new Denon 1920 DVD mainly for the HDMI connection, but I have been unable to get any picture at all when using HDMI - nitto.

I don't know a great deal about how HDMI works, but the DVD player recognises when the PJ is off as the HDMI light on the player flashes to indicate there is no complete connection. When the PJ is on, the light is constant, indicating everything is okay. Would this happen if the cable was faulty?

I have tried changing pretty much all the setting on the DVD but no joy. DVD and PJ work fine in S-Video and Scart modes.

I have ordered a cheap 3' cable off ebay to test if it is a cable issue, but if anyone has any other help as a head start - it would be appreciated!

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I take it you are getting an image via another connection between the DVD player and your Projector?



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Yes, I am conencted via S-Video from the DVD to the PJ, and RGB Scart form the DVD to the TV - both work really well.


Do you need to 'tell' the DVD player or the PJ that you are using HDMI, might be worth checking out.


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Well I have selected the input mode on the PJ as HDMI, I guess that is all I need to do? I can't see any other settings on the menu on the PJ I can change.


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Just to follow this up, the el cheapo test cable from eBay that cost me the grand total of £3.99, worked absolutely fine. So the Supra 8m cable is going back!


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Is this unusual then?

I was under the impression that whilst not common, HDMI was known to fail more than other forms of cable. Since buying the cable, I learnt that longer Supra cables had more problems than most.

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