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I am looking for a home cinema setup in a fairly small space.

The room is 13ft by 8ft and I have a Toshiba 36" TV sitting at one end. I need an amplifier and speaker setup to complete the system.

I am looking at the Denon 2803 and the KEF 2005.2 eggs. Is this a good combination? Any other recommendations? I listen to a lot of music as well as watch movies and am concerned about the quality of sub-sats and also an AV amp as a stereo system aswell.

I would love to have a set of floor standing speakers but I take it that the room is way too small.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Snap! (almost)

I've recently upgraded the small speakers that came with my 36" Tosh to the 2005.2 eggs plus a Denon 1804. TO my ear, they're a good combination, and there seem to be a fair few folks on these boards who would agree.

I'm sure the 2803 would be even better. I'd recommend you have a listen to the 1804 to see if it really is worth the extra dosh to you. The eggs don't need a huge amount of power to drive them, so the 1804 is quite capable. Of course, if you're planning to upgrade to some more powerful speakers in the future, then the 2803 is probably the one to go for.

Good luck,



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I'm a happy bunny with the Denon AVR2802 and Gallo balls - Micros with A'Diva as centre - and the Velo VX-10 sub.

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